Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Plastic cards

Plastic cards:    
Plastic cards are used by many people all around the globe for gifting purposes. These days Plastic Cards are well-liked for business, membership, ID, fundraising and alike. Plastic Cards don't just happen to be the shape and size that they are by any kind of accident. Right from the beginning they were well researched in order to come up with the optimum size and shape to appeal to the recipient.
We all should be aware that these cards came into existence in the United States which then would lead us to think that is the reason the measurements don't translate easily to metric measurement (85.6mm X 53.98mm). Plastic cards cover a very wide domain and have loads of types sated as follow:

  •  Loyalty Cards.

These are also standard sized cards that have offline accounting capabilities e.g. mileage recording or merchandise purchases and are often used as retail frequent user cards offering promotional benefits.

  • Gift Cards.

These are a standard or custom sized cards with a stored or prepaid value placed on them either through magnetic striping or bar coding. They are usually used as retail cards which can be initiated at cash desks or check outs.

  •    Business Cards.

These are mostly used for displaying the company's services and contact information.

  •   Promotional Cards.

These are typically used for offering special benefits to the users that mainly includes discounts or rewards.

  • Smart Cards.

These cards are offered by banks or are mostly inserted in a product to catch signals.

  •  Hotel Key Cards.

These cards are mostly used for locking and unlocking hotel rooms and suites.

  •   Discount Cards.

They offer special discount on the specific amount of purchased products.

To give a complete professional look to the card you should avoid boring and cheap designs. The slightest of gradations in the color blending can be captured accurately with today's lithographic printing equipment. Bold and simple but colorful graphics can be printed effectively with the help of thermal printers as they offer great printing options for logos and text.

You can always choose unique ways to make the card to stand out among your competitors' cards. For example, if you have a mailing list of customers then you can print the logo of the company on the card and then slap a magnet at the back of the card and send it out to the mailing list. In this way it would become a vital refrigerator accessory which the clients can easily view every day. In addition to this, calendars can also fit on a wallet sized plastic card with the company information and web address printed at the top of it.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Advanteges of Plastic Cards

Wherever you go, no matter where you were paid - at home or abroad - a credit card - a good indicator of your financial situation. In addition, payment for goods by mail, telephone or via the Internet is made faster and easier if done on a plastic card.

A well-designed plastic card can help make your business more memorable in the eyes of clients or customers.A plastic business card can help you further distance yourself from the competition. If you need cash, then you can get them to bank branches and ATMs in any country.

  •  Plastic cards are easier to shuffle
  •  Plastic card add a professional sense of quality to your game
  •   Plastic cards are a pleasure to deal, they slide across the table felt easily. 
  •   Plastic cards are not easily marked by people who may be tempted to gain an unfair advantage.